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303 Windsld Washr Pod 50 Gal – 5 Pods

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Features and Benefits:

  • Dissolve windshield washer fluid packets
  • 1 Pod Treats 50 Gallons of Water
  • Dissolves completely to remove bugs, road film, dirt and grime
  • Use recommended personal protective equipment (gloves) prior to handling packet.
  • Receive 5 pods per bag = 250 gallons of washer fluid

303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets are formulated to completely remove bugs, road film, dirt and grime leaving windshields sparkling clean. Each super-concentrated tablet makes up to 1 gallon of windshield cleaner. Simple, drop tablet in reservoir of clean water or add tablet to a gallon of water. Non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for rubber and paint.

Warranty: New out of box defects

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