300W 220V PTC Ceramic Air Heating Element Electric Heater Fever Tablets DC/AC

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Description:300W 220V PTC Ceramic Air Heating Element Electric Heater Fever Tablets DC/AC Specification:

Heat material: PTC Thermistor
Heat methods:heat radiation by air flow
Rated Power:300W
Rated Voltage:220V AC/DC
Mainly use in:Heater/Humidifier/Air conditioner/Car/Metro


1.Make of  PTC Thermistor Heat material,Long life, energy, no fire, no oxygen consumption, high safety, easy to adjust the heat and so on.
2. Security: PTC products with constant fever, no open flame, heat conversion rate,subject to the supply voltage with minimal impact and other traditional heating elements can not match advantage.
3. Energy saving: PTC product has an automatic energy-saving features,the heater when the ambient temperature is raised, the power will be gradually reduced,
only 90% of rated power, 80%, or less.
4. Long life: When PTC product under normal use will not damage their own reasons,or even thousands of times repeatedly switch has no effect on its performance,a measure of its life is its degree of aging. General standards for powerdecay after 2000 hours is less than 10%.
5.Applicable to air conditioners, dryers, dryer, air curtain, car air conditioners, heaters, integrated ceiling, drying room heaters, industrial drying equipment, air heating, household appliances and other heating device heat.Dissipated power:(Because of difference of usage mode,and energy saving of PTC,insulation PTC air heater actually used energy consumption mostly in the rated power of 50%~100%.Dry burning power:About 30% of the rated power(When you are using,do not dry the heater,choose the PTC products that can dry burning in the air).

Package Included:1× PTC Ceramic Air HeatingMore Details: 

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