300*220*55mm Silver TP200 Crawler Robot Tank Chassis Car DIY Kit Load 2.3KG-5KG with Motor

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The accessories about the TP200 Intelligent Tank Chassis car for your reference.  and Features:

1. All-metal structure, making the tank more solid and firm 
2.  Reserved 9g servo and MG995 servo installation space, can be used to flexibly install ultrasonic sensors and robots, etc
3. Designed mounting holes for Arduino UNO R3 and NodeMCU development boards;
4. The mounting holes are reserved for the installation of the robot arms and the like;
5. The design can be installed 2 LED headlamps position, can be carried out at certain Chengde night
6. The panel can be based on your needs, an increase of 25mm and 37mm motor bracket can be changed into a 4-wheel drive car.
7. After the experiment can load 2.3kg, the maximum should be able to load 5kg.

– Name: TP200 Intelligent Tank Chassis
– Material: Aluminum Alloy
– Surface treatment: sandblasting oxidation
– Color: Silver
– Track: Engineering Plastics
– Size: about 300 * 220 * 55mm (length * width * height)
Note:* Product does not include the control board kit.Package Included:1 x TP200 Intelligent Tank Chassis Car Kit

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