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3-Style Lockable Cigar Humidor Desktop Glasstop Humidifier Hygrometer

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This is the cigar humidor combines superb and healthy craftsmanship to provide the perfect environment and durable construction for storing your favorite cigars and a relaxing smoke. 


With the hygrometer and humidifier it is convenient and easy for you to observe the internal humidity of the cigar and better regulate or control the internal humidity of the box. Your cigars are sure to live a long life of enhanced smell and taste within our high quality cigar humidor. What’s more you can give it to your friends or relative as a gift because of the exquisite appearance and healthy material. Are you still hesitating about such a perfect humidor? or are you still wondering which cigar humidor to choose? heartbeat as action and take it home! 


This is the cigar humidor combines superb and healthy craftsmanship. Don’t hesitate to buy it. 



  • Heavy-duty glass top is convenient to observe the cigars
  • Hygrometer and rectangle humidifier helps to control the relative humidity
  • High transparent window can let you control humidity information at any time
  • Removable tray with dividers are suitable for storing different size of cigars 
  • Felt-lined bottom to prevent from slipping and friction damage
  • High gloss saturation aging resistance and durability
  • The hinge of the cigar humidor box is very tight and can open up to 90 degrees
  • Paint surface is hard with high brightness and saturation and not easy to wear 
  • Portable cigar mini humidor are nice to be a gift

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