3.7V Lithium Battery Solar Controller USB Charging Module Board

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The main components:
USB output port
2.54mm output port
2.54mm input port
USB input port
Solar power management chip CN3083
Automatic pressure drop switch
Automatic recharging
Charging status and charge end state dual indication output
Automatically enters low-power sleep mode when power supply voltage is lost
Support automatically adjust the charge current based on the current output capability of the input voltage source
Use trickle charge mode when battery voltage is low
Constant current / constant voltage / constant temperature mode charging
It can both maximize the charging current and prevent the chip from overheating
Input voltage range: 4.4V to 6V
Constant voltage charging voltage 4.2V
Application Note:
Red light indicates charging
Green light indicates complete charging
Input port should be kept at 4.8V to 6.5V
Please do not contaminate with conductive liquid to avoid short circuits
Keep the surrounding environment safe and airy when using
Package includes:
1 x Charging Module

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