2pcs Solar LED Pathway Driveway Lights Dock Path Step Road Safety Lamps

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Specifications:Item Type: Solar LED Pathway lightMaterial: Aluminum alloyColor: SilverSize: Approx. 107x95x25mm/4.21″x3.74″x0.98″Light color: Blue, Green, Yellow, White, RedPower supply: solar cells (mono-crystalline silicon) 2V / 120MAEnergy storage device: rechargeable battery 1.2V / 800MAH NI-MH high temperature batteryWorking mode: flashing (2Hz ± 20%) and always onLight intensity control: the front light is less than 500LuxVisible distance:> 500 mWorking environment: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃Feature:-Solar spike products use the sun, the use of LED as a light source, it has energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation and so on.-Solar spike with independent power supply, automatic light work at night.-Spike through the LED lights or flashing work, the road warning effect is obvious.-Solar panels using imported silicon chip, stable performance, high conversion efficiency.-Active light, dynamic warning solar spike in the evening at a certain frequency flashing, the dynamic warning role is very strong.-Active light can not only avoid the maximum rain and fog interference, and can let the driver’s attention to get rid of the car light dependence, visual distance farther, the effect is better.-Through the synchronized flashing way to remind the driver in the rain, fog and low visibility of the direction of the direction of guidance.-Working time: positive standard light intensity, a sun exposure 8H can continue to support 72H.-Use: highway entrance (ramp), corner of the larger road, toll station entrance, school entrance, district intersection, crossroads, traffic lights, hotels, parks, underground garage entrance (export). Package Included:2x Solar LED Pathway lights

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