2Pcs BAOFENG S88 400-470MHz Transceiver Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie CTCSS CDCSS Voice Control


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Features :
The unique CTCSS /CDCSS encoding & decoding function can avoid listening to the same channel on the irrelevant call.

Emergency alarm
When the user is in an emergency or unexpected situation, press the alarm button will immediately alert the intercom. In addition, it can also send out the identity code or background tone to inform the peer support.

Launch timing function
This function is to prevent any caller occupied the channel time is too long, the timer to limit the number of times each time to launch the walkie talkie, limiting the user timeout launch.

Automatic power saving function
When the channel is idle or does not carry out any operation (12 seconds), the battery energy saving function is automatically turned on, and the walkie talkie starts to switch the receiving circuit alternately at a certain time, which has achieved the purpose of automatic power saving and energy saving. The time ratio of the switch circuit can be set by programming software.

Flashlight lighting
Practical flashlight function, to solve the emergency needs in the dark environment.

Chinese and English voice broadcast channel, functional operation and charging tips
Designed for the dim light of the environment design, walkie talkie in the user’s operation, can issue a variety of sound prompt operation state, can accurately issue channel broadcast in English and Chinese prompts, voice prompt power status. Support Chinese and English language.

Voice control
Automatic control of sound transmission function, can be carried out by launching the operation, without the need to manually press the PTT key launch.

Busy channel lock
This machine can store up to 16 channels. The rotating channel switch selects the channel, counter clockwise to decrease the value of the channel, and rotates clockwise to increase the channel value. If the rotation to the empty channel without any information, a “beep” sound space frequency tone alert.

Computer programming
The data can be connected with the computer through the data line to the interphone frequency data, the function parameter and the signal and so on carries on the programming. 
Specification :

frequency range  400-470MHz
channel capacity 16
Channel spacing 25.0kHz / 12.5kHz
Frequency stability ±1.5ppm
working temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Antenna impedance 50Ω
working voltage 3.7V
Dimensions (L * w * h) 118×55×34mm
Weight (with battery and antenna) 155g
Battery 1500mAh (Lithium ion battery)


Receiving sensitivity 0.15μV / 0.18μV
Adjacent channel selectivity 65dB / 55dB
Intermodulation Rejection 55dB
Spurious Response ≥60dB
Signal to noise ratio 40dB / 35dB
Rated audio output power ≥600mW
Rated audio distortion ≤5%


Transmitting power ≤5W
modulation mode 16KΦF3E / 8KΦF3E
Modulation limit ≤5kHz / ±2.5kHz
FM distortion ≤5%
residual FM -45dB / -35dB
Adjacent channel power -65dB / -55dB
Stray and harmonic ≤-36dBm
Package includeds :
2 x BAOFENG S88 Walkie Talkie2 x Antenna2 x Lithium Battery2 x Power Supply2 x USB Charger2 x Belt Clip2 x Earpiece1 x User Manual 
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