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24V DC 1000L Mini Brushless Magnetic Hot Water Pump

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Description:24V DC Mini Brushless Magnetic Hot Water Pump 100℃Specification:

Color Black
Weight About 270g
Size 55x45x40mm
Motor Brushless motor
No load rated current 0.5A or less
Load rated current 1.2A
Ambient humidity 45% to 9%
Noise 40dB MAX (background noise 30dB, 0.5M or less)
Rated voltage DC24V, the use of voltage is best not to overpressure.
Water temperature -20 ° C ~ 100 ° C Three-phase: -40-100 ° C
No load of water discharge capacity 1000L / H (3-phase with intelligent protection, from the water protection, over-current over-voltage protection)
Use of fluids tap water, ground water

Features:-Pump motor: DC brushless motor, no spark;-Small start-up current, high efficiency, stable and reliable, low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection-Pump motor shaft is of stainless steel shaft, continuous service life of 20,000 hours or more;Continuous use of working life of 20,000 hours or more.Note:1.The best operate way:if the temperature is higher than 70degrees, every working 1 hour please let it stop for 10 minutes..2.It can’t be submerged under hot water,but can diving under normal temperature.3.don’t use continuously for a long time during hot water and don’t idle it without water.4.you’d better install the filter in the inlet of the pipeline.5.the pump head is the perpendicular distance from the inlet to outlet.6.the pump can’t draw water by itself above water,it should be installed under water.Package Included:1 x Brushless hot water pumpMore Details:

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