18V 5W Polycrystalline Solar Panel With 1m Alligator Clip Line

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* UV,rust and shock resistant.
* Weather/rust/shock/UV resistant frame.
* Rugged tough plastic, waterproof casing.
* Keep your car battery charged at top performance.
* Charge 12V car battery and other related electronic productus.
* The solar pannel will automatically charge your battery even on cloudy, overcast days.
Voc: 18.2V
Vop: 17.3V
Related power: 5W
Size: 25.5*19*1.7cm
Output tolerance: ±3%
SLA battery voltage: 12V
Working current(Iop):0.27A
Short circuit current(Isc): 0.29A
Temperature range: -40℃ to +80℃
Package Included:
1X 5W Solar Panel
1X 1m Alligator Clip Lin

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Weight 1.57 oz


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