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16 Quart Portable Car Compressor Camping Refrigerator

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This is the vehicle refrigerator which has a large storage capacity (16 quarts) and a long service life.


The portable and compact design makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as travel and camping. It can keep your drinks fruits meat and vegetables cool and improve your quality of life. And it has fast cooling mode and energy saving mode. And the lcd display screen can control temperature accurately for you. Made of high-quality materials and equipped with three-level battery protection and shock-proof features it is very convenient for your daily use. At the same time this refrigerator can also be used at home.


Its low noise can provide you with a comfortable and quiet environment. Don’t hesitate buy one!


  • It has max (fast cooling) mode and eco (energy saving) mode
  • It can cool quickly and the controllable temperature range is -0.4°f ~+50°f
  • Compact storage space can refrigerate drinks vegetables fruits meat ice cream and more
  • The easy-to-operate lcd display clearly shows temperature mode and power
  • You can freely switch between fahrenheit and celsius on the display panel
  • Shock-proof design protects the safety of equipment while driving on the road
  • Three-level automobile battery protection system to prevent the exhaustion of automobile batteries
  • Portable handles and compact design is easy to carry suitable for outdoor activities
  • It has low noise and low energy consumption
  • Equipped with usb charge port it can charge your mobile phone
  • 220v ac and 12v dc power cords are included for indoor or outdoor use

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