15x15cm Woven Wire Cloth Screen Stainless Steel 304 4 Mesh

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Description:Stainless Steel 304 Woven Wire Cloth Screen is widely used in acid and alkali environment screening andfiltration, barbecue nets, handicraft nets, food machinery nets, cooking nets.Specification:Material: Stainless steelSize:15x15cm(6″x6″)Mesh:4Application:Widely used in acid and alkali environment screening and filtration, barbecue nets, handicraft nets, foodmachinery nets, cooking nets, can also be used for solid material classification filtering, liquid and mudfiltration is widely used.Package include:1 X 15x15cm Wire Mesh Cloth ScreenScreen small knowledge:Wire diameter: 1 mm = 100 filamentMesh: 25.4mm length of the number of holes inside the number of eyes.Aperture: 25.4 ÷ mesh – wire diameter = aperture.(Example: 30 mesh 25 silk aperture calculation: 25.4mm ÷ mesh 30 – wire diameter 0.25mm = aperture 0.6mm). 


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