12V Handlebar Heated Heat Gloves Motorcycle E-bike Winter Warm

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Description:Windproof and breathable cloth,keep your hands warm during the cold winter
Heating fast, only for 10 seconds you will feel warm, 2 minutes to reach the set temperature of 40~42 degrees
Using carbon fiber heating wire and special structure of the wiring to ensure uniform heating,the failure rate is very low
Anti-seepage water-coated PVC polyester taffeta fabric, ultra-thick stretch cotton insulation, with anti-rain soft touch features
Patent design of the hole, no wind cross the inside of the gloves, both warm and energy saving
The use of closing design style, to further reduce the loss of heat inside the glove
Easy to install, do not have to be modified on the electric car can be used for installation 
Color: Black, green, blue, pink, brown
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 35W
Heats Temperature: 40°C – 42°C (Automatic constant temperature)
Working Temperature: -20~20°CGloves Size: 300x200mm(LxW)
Wire Length: 1.5m
Wiring: Red-positive ; black-negative
Fitment: Universal for DC 12V motorcycles and e-bike with 22mm handlebars
Install Instruction:
1. Place the glove on the right and left hand grip;
2. Place the circuit board on the pillar of the mirror;
3. Fixed gloves to the pillar of the mirror by the lace;
4. Plug the plug into the power socket;
5. Tie the wire to the e-bike tap with cable tie;
6. Paste the wire on the plastic wall of the e-bike.
The indicator light just indicate whether on the heating status.
According to the different ambient temperature, the time the lamp lights up will be different, usually in the 2-5 minutes range.When the red light goes out, indicating that the temperature of the glove has reached the set temperature.When the temperature inside the glove drops to the set value, the red light is on again to indicate that the heating is resumed.In extreme cold weather conditions, the red indicator light will continue to light, this is not a problem.
Package Included:
1 X Pair Heated Gloves With Cable
1 X Sticker
1 X Cable Tie

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