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12V 7A 10W Solar Panel Power Generator System Solar Home System 2 Led Light Bulbs

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Description:This item is a portable solar charger which is made of quality ABS material.It provides you the safety and security of lighting and charging when you need it most.It is suitable for use in the outdoor camping, night market, yard, emergency situations, etc
1. Material: Plastic
2. Structure: Aluminum frame
3. Color: Yellow / Blue
4. Solar: 10W-18V
5. Panel cable length: 6m
6. Battery: 12V-7AH
7. Bulb: 12V-3W-240LM
8. USB output: 5V-1A
9. DC output: 12V-3A
1. Reusable solar lighting system, environmental protection and energy saving, long lasting, you can use it in anywhere when there is adequate sunshine.
2. Equipped with highly efficient polysilicon solar panels, high-quality lithium batteries.
3. Equipped with usb interface and 3 in 1 USB charging line, can charge for electronic products easily.
4. With 2 LED light bulbs
5. With reserve power, lighting, charging and other functions
6. Meet power demand of house lighting, travel camping etc.
7. Large arc shaped handle, easy to carry.
8. Multifunction Radio(FM, MP3, SD card).
Packaged included:
1 x Solar Panel
1 x Solar Home System
2 x Led Light Bulbs with 4m cable and on/off switch
1 x USB Charging Line
2 x Fuses

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