127mm Weather Station Barometer Thermometer Hygrometer Wall Hanging -30~60 0~100%Rh

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Description:— 127mm Wall Hanging Weather Station Thermometer Hygrometer 0~100%RH
— This product is used to measure the changes of the parameters of the temperature. According to the variation tendency of the environment’s temperature, humidty, it can predict the weather accurately. Thus, it can be a multifunctional household weather forecasting instrument.— Scope of application:This product can be widely used in modern family homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, warehouses, courtyard gardens, greenhouse nurseries, animal husbandry and other places.
With thermometer and hygrometer, 2 in 1 multifunction, economical and practical
Standard measuring range, predict the weather more accurately
Lightweight and easy to install, suitable for hanging or placing on a surface
Simple and elegant design make you more comfortable when using it
Dimensions: 127mm (diameter) X20mm (thickness)
Temperature range: -30~60°C, measurement accuracy (error): ±1°C
Humidity range: 0~100%RH, measurement accuracy (error): ±5%RH
Usage: wall hanging, hanging or vertical.
Material:Shell base stainless steel; aviation grade aluminum-magnesium alloy; net sheet glass.
1. This product is mainly designed for measuring the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment, please do not place it outside the range of the measurement scale, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy.
2. Please place this product in a well-ventilated place to ensure that it can accurately reflect the ambient temperature and humidity.
3. This product cannot be filled with water, it cannot be wiped with a corrosive solvent, and it is protected against shocks and shocks.
4. The core components of this product are imported mechanical sensing components, no need to install batteries.
5. Since the air in the package does not circulate, the value of the product fails to respond to the actual situation in time when it is used, and it can be kept at a constant temperature for half an hour.
6. The non-steady firmware of the internal parts will cause slight noise due to shaking, which is a normal phenomenon.

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