10A 12V/24V Auto PWM Solar Panel Battery Regulator Solar Charge Controller

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Description :10A 12V/24V PWM Solar Panel Regulator Charge ControllerFeatures :Overcharging protection.Can be used for all panels.Overdischarging protection.Short and Open Circuit protection.Advanced design with simple plug and play technology. No need for complicated adjustments.Specification :Color : BlackSize : 14 x 8.8 x 2.5cmRated charge current : 10ARated load current : 10AWork voltage : 12/24VOver load, short circuit protection : 1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action. ≥3 Rated load current short circuit protection action.No load current : ≤6mACharging circuit voltage drop : ≤0.26 VLoad circuit voltage drop : ≤0.15 VOver voltage protection : 17V; ×2/24VWork temperature Industry stage :-35℃ to +55℃Boost charge voltage : 14.6V, ×2/24V  (keep 10min)Direct charge voltage : 14.4V, ×2/24V  (keep 10min)Float charge voltage : 13.6V, ×2/24Vcharge return voltage : 13.2v,×2/24VTemperature compensation : -5mv/℃/cell (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage)Lower voltage indicate : 12.0V, ×2/24VOver discharge voltage : 11.1V(no load)- real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate, ×2/24VOver discharge return voltage : 12.6V, ×2/24VControl mode : PWM charge mode, modified discharge voltage by the discharge rateHow To Use :1. Digital LED display shows the 16 lighting options (by switch with 5 seconds)2. Number display, from 0 to 7, DC output.3. Number display, from 0. to 7. 1Hz output.4. Digital LED stop flash to confirm correct switch selection.5. 10 minutes delay to make sure its real dark.Package includes :1 x 10A Solar Street RegulatorDetails pictures :


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