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1000W 12V/24V/48V Auto Wind Turbine Power Generator Charge Controller Regulator Rectifier

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Description:This high performance charger,designed for the small wind-generator charging system,specially for below 1KW power wind-generator charging system.Using tachometer pulse and overvoltage control methods.Rainproof design to meet the field requirements.Variety of features designed to form a flexible system to meet differentt customer needs.
1.High quality technical components guarantee its stability and reliability
2.Complete electrical protection features that make the system more reliable.
3.Anti-water,anti-dust shell make it applicable in various outdoor environment
4.Voltage/current control charging make sure storage batteries are always at the best state of charge
5.Using two kinds of protection methods,tachometer pulse and overvoltage control
6.Using PMW to unload redundant electrical energy,thus to protect batteries and make sure safety of generator.
7.Main power switch can provide if needed,priority wind-generation power,lack of energy when the mains supplement.
8.Aluminum alloy design,small size,good for heat dissipation.
Fit for Voltage: 12V / 24V/ 48V
Maximum wind-generator power: 400W / 800W / 1000W
Wind-generator rated current:20A
Maximum current output:25A
Protection:Battery overvoltage protect,wind-generator current limit,wind-generator brake,speed protection
Capability:Mode charge
Unloading way:PMW electrodeless and noiseless unloading
Working temperature:-20℃ +60℃/35-85%RH(no condensing)
Products Terminal Tips: 
Wiring of battery first,followed by wind turbines.
“~~~” for three-phase alternator wiring port,B+ B- for the positive and negative battery terminal port.Reverse prohibited!
Package included: 
1 x Wind generator controller

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