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100 500g Polymorph Mouldable Plastic Pellets Thermoplastic PCL Plasticmake DIY Decorations

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Material: Polymorph Thermoplastic
Color: White
Degradation temperature: 100℃
Recommendations: Please pay attention to when using hot water temperature, should be used more than 12 years old
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature drying
1.This is a new material can be arbitrary shape, will be available after Polymorph Thermoplastic pour in heat stake to soften and then pour into the mould.
2.This is environmental protection material, reusable, and light weight . Polymorph Thermoplastic about 100 in the temperature will soften, so can easily make it.
3.Due to heating for Polymorph Thermoplastic features rapid change, from solid white particles into a transparent soft clay.When Polymorph Thermoplastic cooling to room temperature, it become white and as hard as stone model, Polymorph Thermoplastic again after heating and cooling can be reused many times.
4.So you need is an idea for a start, a bowl of hot water, your hands, you can become a super built.
Product Purpose:
This is an ideal new material, can be as a fixer, suitable for DIY enthusiasts, artists, creators, sculptors, machine manufacturing experts – or anyone who likes making or repairing things!
Package Included:
1x 500g Plastic Pellets

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