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0-50kHz 1W DDS Function Frequency Meter Signal Generator Module With Custom Arbitrary Waveform

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DDS function / arbitrary waveform generator uses direct digital synthesis technique (DDS), FPGA design, interior prefabricated 7 kinds of commonly used waveform while users can also edit the output 8-bit, 256 points user-defined arbitrary waveforms ; its easy to use , the signal high stability , low distortion , with 1 watt power output, wideband frequency measurement and counter functions. The output signal amplitude and DC offset can be adjusted.Waveforms: sine, square, triangle , ramp, user-defined waveform ( Arb ) , commonly used pulse, noise, electrocardiogram waveforms.
Signal output: output waveform Sine, square wave (variable duty cycle), triangle wave, sawtooth.Arbitrary waveforms, commonly used pulse, noise, ECG, AM, FM and other waveforms
Output amplitude ≥ 0.5-8V p-p (no load)
Output impedance 10 ohms ± 10%Power supply: DC 5V
DC bias ± 3V
Frequency range 0.01Hz~50kHz 
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz (10mHz)
Frequency accuracy ± 5 x 10-6
Frequency stability ±2 x 10-6 / 3hours
Sine wave distortion ≤ 0.8% (Reference frequency 1kHz)
Triangle wave linearity ≥ 98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
Square wave an increase of fall time ≤ 100ns
Square wave duty cycle range 1%~99%
Counter function:
Counting range 0-65535
Measurement frequency range 1Hz~20MHz
Input amplitude 0.5V p-p~20V p-p
1. Size: 83*60*24mm (length*width*height)2. Display LCD 1602 LCD display in English
3. Storage and recall function M0-M9 (M0: default transferred)
4. Buzzer function can be programmed to turn on or off
5. Production process surface mount technology, LSI
6. Operating characteristics all key operations, continuous adjustment knob
7. Environmental conditions temperature’0~40°c Humidity¸<80%

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1 X DDS function frequency meter signal generator module

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