Integrated Appliances Shopping Advice

Single or double cavity ovens and hobs are available to build into or under kitchen units. The choice is between built-in to a cabinet at a higher level or built-under which means underneath the work surface. These ovens are different sizes so be aware of which one will suit your kitchen.

Integrated fridges & fridge freezers. These are built into a tall cabinet in your kitchen furniture. A door is then fixed onto the appliance, or two doors for a fridge freezer in most cases. Built in refrigeration comes in many different sizes, like 50/50 split which means you get equal space for the fridge and freezer, or 70/30 split which gives you more fridge space than freezer. The thing to be aware of is the different heights available for integrated models, ranging from 800mm-1800mm in height.

Built in Appliances like under fridges and freezers just simply slot into a gap and don’t have any cabinet carcass surrounding them. The door then hangs on the fridge. These are not the same as models that fit into a carcass – these ones will stand on adjustable feet and often have a plinth across the bottom.

For an Integrated microwave we would suggest potential customers consult with their kitchen designer or fitter, as there are different models for different unite. For example, you can have a shallow depth model to fit into a wall cabinet at head height, but the normal in column microwaves won’t fit into these gaps. Also there are different widths as well as depths, these all need to be considered.

Integrated cooker hoods can be hard to chose, the terminology can throw some people and it will slow up the kitchen installation should you order the wrong type. Integrated hoods have a cabinet door on the front and pull out to start the operation. Canopy hoods are built under behind the facia, and the controls are underneath on the unit itself. Telescopic hoods have a front panel section that pulls out slightly to start the lightsScience Articles, and / or the operation.

For more information on Integrated Appliances view the models available

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