In Search of a Transmission Repair Shop

The transmission on your car is causing you trouble. You do not know whether it is a small problem that will not require a great deal of work and money or whether the transmission in your motor vehicle needs to be replaced all together. What you do know is that you need to find a transmission repair shop as soon as possible! There are certain things you need to look for in the transmission repair shop you choose to take your car or truck to. If you have never had transmission problems before then you may wish to ask family and friends if they could provide you with some recommendations for some shops that offer good service. Take your vehicle to more than one repair business. Talk with the employees at each shop to get an idea of price and the level of customer service and professionalism that they have to offer you. You also want to glance around the waiting area to see if it is organized, clean and well taken care of. Trust your transmission repair to a business that takes pride in its shop and does its best to make its customers feel welcome when they walk through the front door! If you are aware of other repair shops in your area that you know to have a solid reputation and are trustworthy then call them up or drop by and ask for a referral.

Going online and doing a search for garages that deal with transmission repair problems is another worthwhile option as is flipping through the yellow pages of your telephone book. Before you authorize any work to be conducted on your vehicle you should always get an estimate. Do not just get a verbal estimate but insist upon a written one. It is best to ask for an estimate that includes high and low estimates. Make sure that the estimates contain a maximum amount that the mechanic will not go beyond when doing the work. Make sure however that you clearly understand what is wrong with the transmission of your car before you give permission for the work to get underway. If you are able to ask to take a tour around the garage to see work taking place then do so. There are shops that are unscrupulous and will charge you for parts that your automobile does not even need. However a place that is more than willing to let you watch the work being done on the vehicles is not likely to be hiding anything from its customers. When your work is taking place if you leave the garage you might want to drop back in for an unscheduled visit. In this way you can be assured that you are getting the right parts put into your car and that you are paying for exactly what you require and nothing more. If you are nervous about any company in particular then alleviate at least some of your anxiety by placing a call to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Inquire as to whether or not the businesses or businesses in question have ever had any complaints filed against them. If they have then you know that you should pass on them and keep looking.

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