How to make money while you shop online

Shopping and spending money can be fun except for the fact that you have to spend money. But what if you could shop and actually earn money while you shop? It’s possible with cash back reward programs!

Let’s admit it, shopping is fun and so is spending money. That is, until you’re running low on money. But you cant forget about the deals, discounts, coupons, and especially cash back programs that in essence pay you for shopping!

Think about it, a $10 off coupon essentially pays you $10 to buy the product. Even better, any cash back program is the best way to get paid for shopping. You can either earn points that go toward your next purchase or you can earn cash in the form of a check in the mail.

eBillme, Inc. has one of the easiest cash back programs. You can earn up to 10% (and 20% on 2x Tuesday) on leading retailers like Sears, Kmart, TigerDirect, Fathead and top gift cards such as Zappos, Amazon,, and so many more! Just by buying an online gift card or a product from an eBillme merchant you’ll earn money!

Here’s how it works:

For more information: Read the Cash Back terms & conditions.

Select eBillme at the retailer checkout.

Receive your bill, and pay at your bank


Click the “Join Cash Back” button on your bill email or payment receipt.

Use eBillme to pay for your orders.

Earn until you have at least $10.
Apply your earnings at participating eBillme merchants.

Use eBillme to pay for your orders.
Earn until you have at least $50. eBillme will
send you a check in the mail.

So what are you waiting forFree Reprint Articles, start shopping and watch your cash back rewards add up!

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