Herbal Remedies for Nocturnal Emissions, Effective and Permanent Cure

Nocturnal emission can be described as a natural phenomenon occurring in male body during sleeping hours. This natural process is also known in the names of wet dreams, involuntary emission and nightfall. Multiple factors contribute in the formation of nocturnal emission. Exceeding the holding capacity of semen in the body of person is an important cause leading way to nightfall. Frequency of nightfall is very hard to compare and varies from one person to another. Important factors influencing the frequency of nocturnal emission include age, masturbation frequency and diet. Following a healthy lifestyle is one among the best techniques to prevent the risks of wet dreams. Following are some of the top listed herbal remedies for nocturnal emissions. Intake of these herbal cures ensures complete safety and long lasting results with no adverse action on users. Mucuna pruriens, one among the best nervine tonics is an effective herbal remedy for nocturnal emissions. It is found to be very beneficial for the treatment of reproductive disorders. This aphrodisiac is enriched with numerous health benefits.

Apart from strengthening reproductive systems, it is also used for preventing health risks like depression, insomnia and Parkinson’s disease. L-dopa, an active component present in mucuna pruriens is found to be very effective for the treatment of nervous disorders. Other advantages of including mucuna pruriens in diet include reducing cellulite formation, increasing muscle mass, maintaining cholesterol level and improving mood. Ashwagandha is a popular herbal remedy used for curing nocturnal emissions. It is an excellent health tonic for improving mental clarity, relieving chronic pain and improving energy. Intake of ashwagandha boosts immune system of body and helps in nourishing body cells of person. At present, ashwagandha is easily available in market in versatile forms. It is a widely recommended home remedy for improving mental clarity, concentration, alertness and focus. Roots of ashwagandha enriched with cuseohygrine, tropine, anaferine and anahygrine can be described as a perfect cure for infertility troubles.

Improving blood circulation, healing wounds, increasing muscular stamina and enhancing sperm count are other health benefits of ashwagandha. Shatavari, scientifically termed as asparagus racemosus is a safe herbal remedy for nocturnal emission. It is a healthy composition of bioflavonoids, zinc, calcium and vitamin B complex. Important health benefits of including asparagus racemosus in diet include preventing low libido, curing inflammatory conditions, curing depression and anxiety. Shatavari acts as a  nutritive tonic for eyes, muscles and reproductive organs. It also helps in maintaining hormonal balance, enhancing the functioning of immune system and digestive system. Saffron is a widely recommended home remedy for nightfall.

Drinking saffron milk before going to bed is an excellent health tonic for improving the over all being of person. It functions as a natural aphrodisiac and helps in correcting physical debility and fatigue. Improving erectile power, curing premature interjection and controlling spermatorrhea are other advantages of using saffron milk. Patients suffering from chronic nocturnal emissions are advised to relax their body and mind before going to bed. Fenugreek, bottle alembic juice, sage tea and shilajit are other herbal remedies for nocturnal emissions.

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