Heating up: Alternative Energy Source and Global Warming

Heating up: Alternative Energy Source and Global Warming

Worldwide warming is one of the “most popular” problems nowadays. The current environment change is the worst yet to happen. Worldwide warming is an overall increase in world temperature level which is attributed to the increasing variety of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. Searching an alternative energy source is considered a method of lowering the poisonous emissions.

Greenhouse gases can be produced both by natural and industrial processes. The most plentiful greenhouse gases in the world’s environment are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, laughing gas, ozone and CFCs.

There are numerous sources of greenhouse gases. Burning of nonrenewable fuel sources and logging result in greater concentration of carbon dioxide in our environment. Without the trees and plants to take in the co2 given off by burning nonrenewable fuel sources, natural gas and petroleum products, all of the CO2 gave off remain in the environment.

Also making use of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons in refrigeration systems and in fire suppression systems and other manufacturing procedures likewise increase the greenhouse content of our atmosphere. While the usage of non-organic fertilizers in farming likewise result in greater laughing gas concentrations, another greenhouse gas.

In the United States, greenhouse gas emissions primarily originate from making use of nonrenewable fuel sources as energy source. Around 82 percent of the greenhouse gas emission in the United States in 2006 originated from the combustion of coal, natural gas and petroleum (United States Energy Info Administration). Meanwhile in Asia, Chine is expected to increase its emission of greenhouse gas because of the construction of old-fashioned power plants in its internal provinces. Presently, the carbon dioxide concentrations in the environment are the greatest in 150,000 years. The 1990s was more than likely the hottest years in history, while 1998 was the warmest year (Greenpeace).

Not managing the greenhouse gas being emitted by human activity can increase environment alter the next hundred years that will be much faster than anything recognized and taped in history. There are required actions to be carried out to manage the hazardous emission that will soon be killing us.

To decrease the intake of oil, petroleum and other fossil fuel, we should use energy efficiently. Energy that we utilize should be produced from renewable resource source, which would imply utilizing the natural energy from the sun, winds, crops, tides and waves.

Green energy is another term used to describe sources of energy that are considered to be eco-friendly, which is likewise similar to the renewable sources of energy.

There are various methods of generating electrical power and energy from eco-friendly and natural sources that create tidy and safe energy. Wind, sun, and heat can produce electrical energy for less price and less carbon emission than those of coal and even gas.

Moving the world’s attention to alternative fuel source besides depending on fossil fuel is among the options in solving the drastic environment modification. Greenpeace mentioned that with sustainable energy and using it smartly, can provide half of the world’s energy requirements by 2050. Greenpeace also pointed out that it is feasible to lower co2 emission to practically 50 percent within the next 43 years.

Federal governments are taking actions to use and tap alternative energy sources as primary source of energy. The European Union leaders made a contract in March 2007 to make sure that 20 percent of their country’s energy ought to originate from sustainable fuels by 2020. This becomes part of their effort to cut carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gas. There are even governments using rewards to their locals who are using green energy.

Alternative energy source might not be the only way to reduce the greenhouse emission that human activity produce. There are basic methods which we can do to contribute in reducing hazardous gas emission and alleviate worldwide warming.

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