Global warming and how it affects the lungs and overall respiratory health

The leading challenge that is facing not only our nation but also our world is global warming. Many scientists have postulated that due to the immense use of fossil fuels this has led to a green house effect which in turn has increased the temperatures across the world. As a direct impact the environment has begun to change and in fact it has been predicted that there will be much more changes to come. However, there has also been cited by health professionals a direct health effect on individuals as well. In fact, as the level of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions increase throughout the world there has been observed a direct effect on lung health. There has been an increased number of asthma cases that many believe is a direct result of the climate change.

As a result, physicians have begun to recommend using nebulizer devices in conjunction such medication as Albuterol in order to combat this the symptoms associated with this health condition. The issue that health care professionals face is the fact that as the global warming levels increase as a result of increased carbon dioxide emissions there is really no cure for asthma other than treatment with medication delivered via a nebulizer. There have also been other increases in health conditions observed as a result of the world climate change. Such health conditions as COPD and Bronchitis have also been noted to have increased in the past few decades and many physicians and scientists believe that this directly has to do with the climate issues.

AgainArticle Search, in response to these health concerns physicians have to resort to medication and nebulizer devices in order to curve the number of symptoms associated with these health conditions. COPD is better known in the health community as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and is one of the most common lung conditions. Its symptoms are especially difficult because it causes the person to not get enough oxygen and as a result many other health issues come about because of this. Bronchitis is quite similar to both asthma and COPD and also has been directly effected by increase in pollution throughout the world. Although there has been a marked increase in these health conditions there however is hope for change. Through government action many countries have begun to curve emissions in order to not only help the environment but also to improve world health.

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