Global Effect of Climate Change in World News

Earths climate has varied throughout its history but never has been the effects caused by it as disastrous as of now. In latest world news cause of recent global warming, has been mostly because of human industrialization processes. For decades, greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide have been increasing in the atmosphere. This has resulted in more heat absorption rather than dissipation causing increase in temperature. Scientists in world news today admit that the chances of the world keeping average global temperature at current levels are not going to be possible. But, it is the rapid pace at which the temperature is rising can surely have negative impacts to humans and environment at later stages.

Super-StormsGlobal warming has resulted in more hurricanes in last few years. In 2004 a wave of severe hurricanes left many Caribbean islands and parts of South Eastern United States devastated. Many lives were lost and some of the most expensive damage resulted from these successive hurricanes. Latest world news has alerted that global warming may spawn more super-storms. Increasing temperature heats water on earth thus more of it evaporates, priming hurricane or cyclone formation. Once generated, a hurricane only needs warm water to build and maintain its strength and intensity. Also emissions of greenhouse gases continue absorb more of the sun’s energy that needs to be dissipated.

Ecosystem ImpactsGlobal warming has affected various ecosystems resulting in decrease of habitats for endangered species. Since the industrial revolution it has been monitored that the temperature changes due to emission of greenhouse gases in environment has increased rates of extinction of animal and plant species. As per Word news 40 percent of deaths in the world are credited to environmental factors. Global warming also leads to Ozone layer loss resulting in harmful rays to directly penetrate inside earths atmosphere. Rising Sea LevelsDue to rising temperature earths water gets heated and expands, thus increasing the sea levels.

Also, rising sea levels is resulted as the polar caps begin to melt. This has affected many islands as with increasing levels of water disappearance is prominent.Failing Agricultural Output; Increase In World HungerWarming affects crops and hence the agricultural output. The fall in agricultural output is affecting world as crops are getting destroyed with effect of heat. This results in less production of grains for proper fooding purposes. Lack of food products further, result in global hunger. Past few years, latest world news is filled up with drought and desertification issues in some parts of the world.

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