Fighting Global Warming


There are multiple lists of tips on how to reduce global warming. Many of these tips are really common knowledge now and even before saving the planet was cool, some of these tips were presented as ways to save money. Tips such as weatherizing your home, insulating the hot water heater and taking a shower instead of a bath were all money saving tips before they were tips on fighting global warming.

There are so many other ways people can fight global warming on their own small scale and in their day to day lives. All it takes is a small idea to get the ball rolling into a large movement.

For instance, one very large concern is water bottles. Everybody knows those will sit in a landfill forever. There has been a movement recently for people to purchase a reusable bottle and refill their own water at home instead of continuing to purchase cases of bottled water.

Eating and buying food is another area where global warming can be fought. It is not often thought of as a place where this can be done but looking at it, one can see where it would be a viable place to do just that.

Purchase food locally. Many big cities and even small towns have farmer’s markets where produce can be bought. These foods have not traveled across the country to wind up in the local large chain stores but are grown locally and brought to the market with much less fuel used to get it there.

An added bonus is if the locally grown food is organic because that means the farmers are not using chemicals to grow the foods that wind up in our bodies, our water supply and in the ground.


Of any tip a person can use, the most important one is making your voice heard. Talk about global warming and what you are doing to fight it. Invite your friends, family and co-workers to join you in some small changes that can make a big impact. Let your lawmakers know that you want what is best for the planet and encourage them to fight with you by passing helpful legislation.

With new ways to fight global warming being discovered and used every day and making changes in your day to day life, there will be so many benefits to the planet as a whole. Encouraging others will further the cause and make the movement stronger.

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