Choosing the Proper Environmental Permits

The proper Environmental Permits must be obtained prior to being able to release emissions into the air, water, or soil.  Environmental Permits can be acquired through the Local, State, or Federal government depending on the amount and type of emissions.  An Environmental Consultant can work with your company to ensure the proper permits are applied for and the ongoing requirements for the permits are being maintained.

Selecting the type of permit depends on the emissions produced through the manufacturing process at your facility.  Air emissions are the most commonly applied for permit and closely watched by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Harmful substances released in too high of concentration can cause devastating effects for the surrounding community and are a large factor in why permits must be obtained today.  A small town had multiple days of acid rain that left many injured and some dead. The events that occurred at this community are the driving force behind protecting the surrounding communities of manufacturing plants today.

Any air emissions should be monitored to ensure levels are within permitted amounts at all times. The Environmental Consultant can help select the proper monitoring equipment to initially setup the company. The equipment must also be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure proper functioning.  The Environmental Consultant has specialized equipment to ensure the monitoring equipment is properly functioning.  A detailed report will then be compiled so your company has documented evidence of the equipment calibration.

Your company is required to monitor the emissions being produced to ensure a healthy and safe environment.  An Environmental Consultant can assist your company with each stage in the process and ensure compliance with the current regulations and account for any future changes in Environmental Permits.  The marketplace has shown strong support for Environmentally Conscience companies with their spending power.  Companies that are not focused on their Environmental Impact may face harsh criticism from the marketplace and could be placed out of business with one bad story of environmental negligence.

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