Certain Home Remedies for Nocturnal Emission Cure

Nocturnal emission, also known as nightfall or wet dream, refers to a condition where a man experiences involuntary erection and the subsequent ejaculation or leakage of semen while sleeping. It typically starts during puberty and ends or decreases when the person becomes sexually active. Teenagers tend to have more episodes of wet dreams than adult men. However, there are a number of men who suffer from persistent nocturnal emissions and hence want to know some useful home remedies for nocturnal emission. The exact causes of nocturnal emissions are not yet identified, but it is widely believed that exciting sexual dreams, excessive masturbation, or too much accumulation of sperm in the body are the main reasons that cause wet dreams. Many other factors, such as diet that is rich in trans fat and saturated fat, smoking, acute alcohol consumption, testosterone-based drugs, and certain medical conditions like enlarged prostate and deficiency of kidneys can also trigger a nocturnal emission. Even though it is quite natural for a man to have wet dreams now and then, chronic night emissions can be very irritating and uncomfortable and may cause several problems, including anxiety, stress, fear, guilt, and weakness.

Fortunately, there are certain home remedies for nocturnal emission that are excellent to stop or reduce the frequency of the wet dreams. Most of these remedies are mild, easy to use, affordable, easily available, and do not have any harmful side effects.It has been noted that the regular intake of red onion, a common kitchen vegetable, can help you deal with your night emissions. Taking calcium and magnesium supplements one hour before going to bed is an effective way to prevent the involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleeping. Drinking celery juice mixed with honey at night is considered to be one of the best home remedies for nocturnal emission. Likewise, the mixture of fenugreek juice and honey can also help you to get rid of this problem. There are certain other effective home remedies for nocturnal emission.

Prepare a combination of bottle gourd and sesame oil and apply it on your scalp before your bedtime. Another way to avert the occurrence of wet dreams is to drink a cup of sage tea half an hour before you go to sleep. Sage tea can be made by mixing sage leaves or dried sage with boiled water and lemon. If you want, you can add sugar or honey to sweeten the tea. Osha or ligusticum porteri is another medicinal plant, that can be used to curb your night emission. In addition to using home remedies for nocturnal emission, it is also important to try to relax your body and mind before going to bed. Certain lifestyle measures like drinking lot of water, eating a healthy and nutritious diet, avoiding over masturbation and watching pornography, doing proper exercises, and taking bath before going to sleep can also be helpful. Add essential oils of lavender, rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and chamomile to your bath. You should also raise the consumption of foods that contain vitamin B and cut down the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

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