BMW Carbon Fiber Hood and Boot Lid Replacements

BMW is generally known for their determination to sporty cars with exceptional handling and low weight. However, as a manufacturer, they have no choice but to take into account an assortment of factors including cost when producing the exterior parts of the car. For this reason, there is still a lot to be improved to lighten the automobile and make it even more responsive.CF is used extensively throughout the racing world as a substitute for steel and aluminum that is not only lightweight but also 3x as strong per pound as steel.While normally reserved for the racing world including Formula 1, Speed World Challenge and ALMS Le Mans racing series, there are now a number of BMW Parts companies that create street approved carbon fiber hoods, trunks and bootlids, diffusers, and similar carbon fiber goodies for your BMW.

Vorsteiner is one such BMW Parts manufacturer that specializes in high end carbon fiber production. Vorsteiner is one of the few manufacturers to produce dry form composites for BMW including the E46 3-Series, E46 M3, E90 3-Series, E92 3-Series, E92 M3, E93 M3, 6-Series, M6, E60 M5 and the new F01 7-Series. Vorsteiner’s dry carbon form production is superior to wet lay form in that it produces a much more uniform and stronger piece that will not lose shape, warp or yellow over time.Carbon Fiber hoods and bootlids will reduce unpsrung weight as compared with the factory aluminum or steel parts. This will make the car lighter and more responsive as well as improve acceleration by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Vorsteiner’s parts are available in a variety of options including single sided and double sided versions depending on budget and preferences.In addition, most carbon fiber hoods feature vents that allow heat transfer under track or hard driving conditions to further cool the engine. All Vorsteiner vents are strategically place to maximize heat transfer and provide ideal temperature reduction.Whether you are looking to improve the performance, cooling or looks of your BMW, a BMW carbon fiber hood, bootlid or trunk is a great way to add form and function.

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