Alternatives for Company Travelers

Alternatives for Business Travelers

” I’m getting back. I’ve been away too long. Been away so long. I’m getting home”– Ian Thomas, in Coming House
I still remember my roadway warrior days. It appeared like every other week, I was hopping on an aircraft for Orlando or Vancouver or Palm Springs or Washington or Chicago or Toronto.
It might not be Rome, Paris, and Monte Carlo, however Washington, Toronto and Orlando are beautiful stylish places. I went to vital meetings. I was an essential person. I was a regular flyer.
However, after a while, all the towns begin to look the same. One airport hotel looks surprisingly like another. Definitely the taxi chauffeur in Washington and the taxi in Orlando were twins separated at birth. I was yearning to simply sit tight. I had actually had enough of hotels and restaurants
Traveling noises glamorous until you need to do it over and over and over. Specifically when you have a family, you want to spend some time at home in between the episodes of jet lag. Comfort becomes a much bigger offer, and you want every place to feel like home.
You simply can’t do that in a hotel. Not in a Marriott. Not in a Sheraton. Not in a Hilton.
I want I understood then about 2 other options.
Personal Getaway Houses (or rental villas).
Personal villa, understood also as holiday houses or rental properties are essentially homes that rent on a weekly basis. They are not much help for fly-in meetings. For those, just an airport hotel will do.
However if you plan to be in the area for the better part of the week, there is absolutely nothing like sitting back in your own private home– a rental house, naturally.
” Hotel rooms are constrained; a vacation home is spacious with space to perambulate. Hotel spaces have a TV and desk in the bedroom; a vacation home has surround sound TELEVISION and stereo with comfortable sofas and chairs in different parts of the home. A hotel has a public pool; a villa has a private pool,” states Florida rental properties rental agent Stewart Granville. “It’s personal. It’s comfortable. It’s like a house away from home.”.
Mr. Granville keeps in mind that a villa rental likewise works as an office away from home, with one space dedicated to the workplace. “In a villa, you do not have to rest on your bed when you type those memos. And what a great way to entertain business contacts.”.
Mr. Granville focuses on rental properties in America’s vacation heartland: Orlando, Florida. Business tourists typically bring their family along to delight in Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and other famous amusement park. The family plays while the business tourist works. When the meetings are over, they all head for Disney together, maybe for another week. With family in tow, a personal rental house makes much more sense than a crowded hotel room.
Bed and Breakfasts.
Bed and Breakfasts are also a choice. Although they do not provide the same personal privacy and area as vacation homes, they are warmer and more pleasant than a hotel. And like a hotel, they rent by the night, not by the week.
Is a bed and breakfast for you? If a relaxing atmosphere is more vital to you than room service, a bed and breakfast is for you, yes. They are comfy and peaceful, so business tourist can stroll confidently into his conference free from tension and worries.
Bed and Breakfasts are growing more popular for weekend vacations in the country, however a lot of major city centers have bed and breakfasts right in the heart of the city … and these are perfect for road-weary business tourists.
So ignore room service and the mint on the pillow. For a stay of several days, business traveler can lease a spacious, personal holiday villa. And for simply a night or two, it’s a warm and comfortable bed and breakfast.

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