Swap, Give or Rent Anything!


Our Value Proposition:

Help fight against virus outbreaks like COVID-19 by GIVING items to Hospitals, & Reduce your Carbon Footprint, by SWAPPING or RENTING items, instead of buying and dumping


*GIVE to Hospitals in need of Medical Goods/Supplies to help fight against virus outbreaks like the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

*Reduce your carbon footprint, and help guarantee a sustainable earth for our future generations, by SWAPPING or RENTING items, instead of buying and dumping. Trade by Barter.

*Over 1000+ hospital listings in need of Medical Goods/Supplies available.

*Easily find just the hospital or item listings around you, with our smart map system.

*Visualize Hospital listings on the map to easily donate PPE and other items to health workers and hospitals, for the fight against current and future virus outbreaks, like COVID-19.

*Post Your Listings: Post anything you want to Swap or Rent with others.

*Map View: Visualize item listings for Swapping or Renting with others on the map, to make your search easier.

*Saved Places: Save the hospitals you want to donate to, and the item listings you like to Swap or Rent with others, so you can come back to them later.

*Advanced Filters: Search by as many filters as you’d like.

*Push Notifications: Receive notifications with new postings, promotions or reminders.


How It Works:

Just 2 steps to GIVE medical goods/supplies to Hospitals in need.

– Search for Hospitals
Search for Hospitals from thousands of hospital and health care facility listings, which contains complete information on their donation needs.

– Give
Give to Hospitals using the information provided by the hospitals.

Just 4 simple steps to SWAP or RENT items with others.

-Post Your Stuff
Post stuffs that you want to Swap or Rent with other members, by registering for free!

-Search for Stuff
Find and compare matching stuffs from other members to Rent or Swap

Connect securely with other members, to Rent or Swap stuffs you want

Meet members in person, and Swap or Rent your stuffs to close deal; carbon footprint reduces!


Why Should I Reduce My Carbon Footprint with Swapping or Renting?

The Problem:

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UNSDG) has Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land, amongst its 17 important goals for our beloved planet earth.

Furthermore, according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Water, Deforestation, Food, Energy, Transportation, Water and Global Warming are the World’s 6 most pressing environmental issues.


The Solution – How Can You Help?

To enable the UNSDG or UNFCCC’s brilliant goals, which would greatly benefit our children and future generations to come, we as individuals, citizens of earth, must contribute actively to these sustainability efforts.

We can start contributing tremendously today, by simply reducing our carbon footprint through swapping or renting items, instead of regularly buying and dumping items, that eventually ends up creating hazardous environments for all living organisms, with our future generations destined to inherit a less habitable earth.


Benefits of Swapping or Renting Items:

Swapping or Renting items do not only decrease our carbon footprint as it also;

The preservation of water quality also helps curb water supply problems for our population due to degradation caused by our dumps, which increasingly fills our rivers, seas, and oceans with toxic pollutants. Remember that what happens at sea doesn’t stay at sea, thus, when we dump our stuffs instead of swapping or renting, we invariably pollute the food we eat.

Deforestation is a serious threat to our planet earth. Forests provide vital protection from flooding, sandstorms; provides food, and also provides a substantive natural habitat for wildlife, which keeps the human ecosystem vibrant/alive.

Most importantly, forests are amongst our vital resources for offsetting some of our outrageous carbon emissions, where without the canopy provided by forests, we leave areas vulnerable to intense heat, further driving climate change.

However, every single year, we lose an area the size of Panama, which is fuelled mainly by human consumption associated with the buying and dumping of items on a continuous basis.

By swapping or renting items, we can greatly reduce our energy usage and corresponding responsibility for fossil fuel usage and the generated emissions.

Swapping or Renting is truly an individual adopted earth-saving measure!

With most of our stuffs being non-recyclable, this poses a significant danger to our earth and determines the kind of planet our future generations would inherit from us.

Let’s all save our planet by swapping or renting our items, by using less, using better, reusing, recycling, and also earning passive income whenever we rent!